Saturday, May 2, 2009

MCCS Superintendent hopes to open new school

In an interview with RNews MCCS Superintendent Anne Wilkens Leach indicated that the diocese would like to "get back the hundreds of families it lost" when it closed 13 Catholic schools last year.

Her immediate goal is to get next year's registration up to 4,000 from its current level of 3,700.  She obviously hopes that the diocese's successful campaign to raise $500,000 - and thereby secure another $2 million from the Wegman Family Charitable Foundation - will help in that effort.

Looking toward the future, Leach added

“Our preschools are bursting at the seams all over in the entire diocese. So we're counting on them to be feeders for our schools," says Leach.

The diocese includes 24 schools in 11 counties east and south of Rochester. Enrollment continues through August. Leach says don't expect anymore school closings.

“Oh absolutely not! The only talk I am having is filling up these schools and maybe opening one. That is my goal."

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