Saturday, May 16, 2009

"We always support civil rights"

WETM Channel 18 in the Southern Tier has a story on its site concerning the gay marriage bill currently before the NY Senate.

Seeking a comment from a representative of the Church, the station got the following from our local ordinary:

Bishop Matthew Clark of Rochester says the church continues its opposition to the bill but supports equal rights.

"We're very much in favor for equal rights for folks. It depends on the form, shape and format of legislation. We always support civil rights of people and their full exercise." said Bishop Clark.

I cannot think of a better response than that already posted by Kit at By The Brook:

What Would Matthew Say?

If he had a spine or was orthodox at all?

The latest proposed gay marriage bill is wending its way through the corrupt corridors of Albany, and we get this predictably weak "statement" of what the Church opposes, but not its titular head in the DOR. No educating, no expounding on the sacramental nature of marriage...just some happy social justice/civil rights crap.

How unrefreshingly typical.


Anonymous said...
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Lee Strong said...

Umm, okay. I think maybe I might possibly understand what he meant to say, or not say, that is, of course, unless I'm wrong, but I might not be.


Rich Leonardi said...

The defense of marriage is one of the three "not negotiable" principles Catholics are bound to defend in the public square. It is under threat in New York as never before, and the leader of 350,000 of its citizens cannot even present a coherent -- much less urgent -- appeal.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost, what the heck is wrong with Bishop Clark? Does he have any beliefs anymore? Does he believe anything his Church teaches? Why is he a bishop if he doesn't want to teach the faith? This is a prime opportunity to speak out, as was the Notre Dame scandal, but Bishop Clark has screwed it up once again. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's best he didn't say anything about Notre Dame, he probably would have ended up defending Obama in some stupid rambling 3 sentence statement. How does one screw up a statement as short as this anyways?!

The only thing Bishop Clark did with any 'authority' is to attack the traditionalist group, the SSPX.

Anonymous said...

1154 days until Bishop Clark's retirement. Then it is Bye Bye, for good.

It will be great, when we hit the big countdown in 154 days.

Bishop Clark is now a lame duck bishop.

Remember the old television commercial in Rochester with the German accent "Too soon too old, too late, too smart".