Friday, May 1, 2009

Bishop Clark says he isn't retiring

According to post on the Channel 13 web site, Bishop Matthew Clark says he has no intention of retiring.

He laughs when we mention rumors that he is planning to retire. Those rumors began circulating last week.

"I've heard that rumor myself," the Bishop told us during an interview in his office. "I have no idea where it comes from."

The Bishop says he will have to write a letter to the Pope when he turns 75, basically giving notice that he plans to retire. But right now, he isn't going anywhere.

Other topics covered in the interview include Catholic schools, parish closings and the shortage of priests in DOR.

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Interstate Catholic said...

The bishop said about retiring, "I've heard the rumors myself."

Somebody must be telling him what is being written in the comments box on the DoR related blogs.

Anonymous said...

The DoR may play ignorant, but they have a pretty good idea about what goes on in blogland. After all, it's free publicly accessible material. I know if I were in their position, I'd like to snoop around every once in awhile to see what's being said about my administration.

Here's a possible clue that they may be reading the DoR blogs... A recent St. Mary's bulletin detailed what the topic was for the priest convocation a couple of weeks ago:
"The theme of our session was Scripture and Preaching"Sounds like all the recent talk about the dialogue and lay homilies on the Web may have played at least a small role into this being the topic of the convocation..?

~Dr. K