Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cathedral School to relocate?

Gene Michael alerts us to an intriguing sentence in this week's Cathedral Community bulletin

It seems that the community is exploring the sale of the old Holy Rosary property on Lexington Ave.  The buyer would be Providence Housing Development Corporation, a not-for-profit that develops, finances and manages housing for seniors, individuals with special needs and families.

Included in the sale would be the school building, which currently houses one of Monroe County's eleven remaining Catholic schools and the only one in the City of Rochester. The Cathedral Community, according to the bulletin,

will also be exploring the feasibility of relocating our school to the Cathedral campus.

The Cathedral campus has but one structure suitable for use as a school: the old Sacred Heart School building.  And, as Gene points out, that building is currently under long-term lease to the City School District.

So what is to become of the Cathedral School at Holy Rosary? Will the parish terminate its lease with the city and move it to Flower City Park?  Will it be relocated elsewhere - hopefully somewhere within the city limits?  Will it simply be closed?

There are a lot of questions here that need answers.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the Rochester City School District leases the old Sacred Heart School on a year to year basis. They have been looking at other sites for a school the past two years.

Mike said...

Anon. 11:24,

If the lease is year-to-year then relocating the school to Flower City Park shouldn't be much more complicated than calling in the moving vans.

I wonder why they phrased it the way they did ("exploring the feasibility")?

Anonymous said...

Because they decided to do this when they closed the other schools last year, but they want it to look like it's a new idea.
Holy Rosary parents and parishioners were outspoken about this possibility last year. The 10 year lease is almost up and the diocese could move the school into a building that is in better shape (the City School District renovated it when they leased it.)

Mike said...

Anon. 7:02,

Didn't Sacred Heart School close in June, 2005? If so, a 10 year lease would still have another 6 years to run (unless, of course, it has some kind of escape clause built into it).