Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They Just Don't Get It

Purify Your Bride has just put up a thought-provoking post:

The Catholic Theological Society of America is meeting again. They seem to be trying to figure out what John Paul’s Theology of the Body means. It is interesting because at the outset they assume it cannot mean what it actually says. That is, that as men and women our bodies are created in harmony with a much deeper reality about ourselves. That things like contraception, gay marriage, and female ordination don’t just contradict who we are physically but spiritually as well.

One CTSA maven even bemoans the fact that so many of today's younger Catholics - and many bishops - are embracing JP2's theology that it seems as if they are looking to

"invite back in [their] own version of Archie Bunker" – the cantankerous authority figure so thoroughly lampooned and dethroned in American culture in the 1970s and afterwards.

Definitely worth a read.


CathParent said...

Archie Bunker was a man who had his mind made up and couldn't be swayed by facts. Sounds like our Bishop, not one of the younger Catholics and bishops the writer is complaining about.

Mike said...

I take your point, CathParent.

May favorite version of that attitude is, "Please! I already have my opinion. Don't bother me with facts."