Friday, June 20, 2008

Final Days for 13 Catholic Schools

Today's D&C is running a story about the last days at the 13 Monroe County Catholic Schools that Bishop Clark is forcing to close. Accompanying the article is a very interesting map.2008-06-20 - Catholic Schools Staying Open-Enhanced-200dpi

Take a good look at that map - it pretty much tells the whole story. When Bishop Clark allowed Sr. Elizabeth Meegan to implement her inane tuition plan a few years back, most of those living in the more affluent parts of the county could afford the resulting up to 40% increase and enrollment in their schools hardly dipped.

It was a different story, however, in the less well off parts of town. Many of those schools saw their enrollments plummet as families who just could not pay that much left for the public schools.

Now the schools that were decimated by the Clark-Meegan tuition fiasco are being closed because of their low enrollments and their associated parishes are about to experience the same slow slide into oblivion as almost every other parish has that has ever lost its school. Meanwhile, most of the schools in the high rent districts will be open for business next fall.

Will the Bishop or any members of his School Board ever apologize for the perfectly predictable results of their management blunder? Will any of the 23 "experts" on his Task Force ever express any remorse for their role in robbing the poor to give to the rich?

Don't hold your breath.

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