Tuesday, April 1, 2008

“Registration is closed” is not an acceptable answer.

From the Holy Cross Church March 30th bulletin ...

New Families Catholic School Registration Began March 25, 2008

We urge families who do not currently have a child in a Catholic School, and who wish to enroll in a Catholic School, to do so now. Registration forms can be obtained from Holy Cross School or any of the Catholic Elementary Schools. You may then return the registration any time now to Holy Cross School or to any of the Catholic Elementary Schools. Even through Holy Cross School is not at this time scheduled to be open next year, we urge you to choose a Catholic School Education for your child.

If you want your child to have a Catholic School Education, you must make your voice heard NOW. Don’t just walk away. Demand that the School Office take your registration. Otherwise, the Office will say that there is enough room in the present schools. Write, call, and e-mail that you want to have your child in a Catholic School.

“Registration is closed” is not an acceptable answer.

Current Students who are enrolled.

We know that many of you did not get your school of choice. Let the Diocesan Office know that this is not acceptable. Encourage them to work on plans to open more schools. Tell them that you want quality Catholic School Education. That must be the goal that we all seek.

Father Wheeland

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