Friday, April 11, 2008

Catholic Schools and Communion

There is a very thought-provoking article over on Catholic Exchange on Catholic schools and their need for both vertical and horizontal communion. Vertical communion here refers to the relationship between a school and God as well as the relationship between a school and our past, while horizontal communion is reflected in a school's reaching out to every child in the community.

Every child should have the opportunity to attend a Catholic school. The faith cannot be embraced without a desire to share it. Our faith is a gift, and it must become a gift that keeps on giving. We cannot become judgmental and closed in ourselves as we look upon others who may be ignorant or struggling. We first look to the development of our own families, but we can never be satisfied if there are children in our parish family that are slighted. Catholic schools must remember the missionary character of our faith.

While the author was looking at his subject on the parish level, his comments are equally applicable on a diocesan level. It's a shame that DOR sees our schools first and foremost as a drain on our finances instead of as an investment in the future of the diocese.

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