Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Floaters & Nomads

Dr. Knowledge, a frequent commenter here, has a thought-provoking observation posted over at the D&C site. In a response to a post critical of those who say they will no longer financially support even their own parishes - let alone the diocese - Dr. K. writes,

Many of us have already lost the church we belong to (thanks to our buddy the Bishop), so this isn't technically true for everyone. A lot of us are floaters now, wandering from church to church to find one that meets our individual needs, and being disturbed with what we find at many of the churches during our journey.

The good doctor is not the only nomad of whom I am aware. I know of at least three others on similar journeys, initiated either by the closing of their old parish or by a change in pastors accompanied by unacceptable changes in the liturgy or in preaching.

I, too, almost become a floater last summer. That was when I decided I could no longer abide the vertical inclusive language my pastor insisted on incorporating into the Mass and the readings. Not only was he making a fool of himself, but he also insisted that our deacon do likewise.

Fortunately I did not have far to go - in either space or time - to find a new home at Holy Cross. By that time I had been teaching junior high religious ed there for 3 years and had come to know that the priests there were about as loyal to the Church as any you'll find anywhere.

And so a word to the floaters and nomads: There still are good, solid parishes out there. If you haven't found one yet, why not give Holy Cross a try?


Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

Dr. K.,

The priest is Fr. Gary Tyman, currently pastor of Our Lady of Mercy in Greece. He came to OLM from Holy Rosary/Most Precious Blood in 2005. I don't know how long he was at HR/MPB or what assignments he had previous to that one.