Monday, April 7, 2008

Apologetics "Overly Propositional"?


A link over at points to a a very enlightening interview. Former radical feminist
Lorraine V. Murray has returned home to the Catholic Church and has just published the story of her journey in Confessions of an Ex-Feminist.

In a recent interview with Ignatius Insight she was asked what might have kept her from leaving the Church in the first place. She replied, in part,

"Although I had attended Catholic schools for nearly my entire childhood, no one had prepared me for the onslaught of atheism that awaited me at the University of Florida. One thing might have helped me: Some knowledge of the arguments against theism and Christianity, and ways to counteract them." (emphasis added)

Apologetics is not a very popular topic in the Diocese of Rochester. "Too confrontational" and "too triumphalistic" are two criticisms commonly heard around here. Frequent DOR visitor and darling of the local ministerium Richard Gaillardetz has labeled the apologetic efforts of such folks as Scott Hahn, Gerry Matatics, Karl Keating, Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Peter Kreeft and Patrick Madrid "an overly propositional view of revelation." Many of our leaders see it that way too.

Ms. Murray, however, is telling us that a little practical apologetics early on in her life might just have saved her - and, one may assume, many others - from "the
folly of feminism and the destructive impact that feminism has on those who fall under its malignant spell."

Do any of our leaders have ears to hear?

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