Monday, April 7, 2008

Long Island Catholics Also Want a Greater Say


Another new link (see also here and here) on points to a story on very recent survey conducted on Long Island by Newsday. The survey looked into religious opinions and attitudes in anticipation of Pope Benedict XVI's imminent arrival in this country.

While the Catholics on Long Island might tend to be, on average, a bit wealthier and better educated than those around here, I suspect we're not all that different in many of our outlooks. I was therefore more than mildly intrigued by the range of answers given by Catholics to Question 18.

Q.18 Lay Catholics should be given a greater role in decisions such as how parish money is spent, closing schools or choosing priest for parishes. (emphasis added)

Agree: 276 (76.7%)
Disagree: 61 (17.0%)
Not sure/Refuse: 23 ( 6.3%)

That's about a 9:2 ratio in favor of a greater say. It seems that it's not just here in DOR that Catholics feel they have far too little input into important decisions.

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