Monday, February 1, 2010

Anger (and fear?) at St. Thomas

Another article on the IPPG's recommendation to close both St. Salome and St. Thomas the Apostle parishes appears in today's D&C.  There's no new factual information that I could spot, but there is an account of an interview with some St. Thomas parishioners by reporter Gary Craig.

The Diocese of Rochester is feeling the same strains as other dioceses across the country: shrinking enrollment and fewer men entering the priesthood. The strain is exacerbated by a schism within the church: Some think the church remains too adherent to tradition, such as the refusal to allow women as priests, while others see a church slipping from its traditional and historical moorings.

After Sunday's early afternoon Mass, a small group of parishioners remained at St. Thomas, upset with the decision.

"I'm angry," one parishioner said, refusing to give his name.

"I'm angry with the bishop."

He maintained that St. Thomas has long had a more traditionalist stance — an approach he said sometimes runs counter to the sentiments of the bishop. Several men and women surrounding him agreed, but none wanted their names used in public criticism of the closure recommendation.

Schism, at least in its formal sense, is much too strong a word here, although Craig is certainly correct in his assertion that there is a something of a rift between progressive and traditionalist (for want of better terms) Catholics in DOR.

That said, it is interesting to note the fear evidenced by the parishioners with whom Craig spoke. It would seem that Fr. Norm Tanck's efforts at belittling and demeaning the traditionalist Catholics at St. Thomas (see here) are having their desired effect.


Anonymous said...

I thought this D&C piece was far better at providing a balanced view of the situation than previous articles the D&C has run. It appears to have been written by a non-Catholic given the way he referred to the Church having particular schisms, but perhaps an outsider's view is better than what we normally get from a very biased Mark Hare.

~Dr. K

Interstate Catholic said...

An article that you would never see in the Courier.

A good article.