Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A memory from the '80s

1985, to be precise - the year that Nunsense began its off-Broadway run of 3,672 performances.

Sister Robert Ann's childhood recollection, Growing Up Catholic, from early in Act II is still relevant today ...

At Saint Clare's School, religion class
Began with Mass each day.
It was said in Latin then.
That's how I learned to pray.

The nuns appeared in black and white.
And so did every rule.
Things were either wrong and right
At Saint Clare's Catholic School.

But then the rules began to change
And many lost their way.
What was always black and white
Was turning shades of gray.

Though Mass is said in English now,
To make us more aware,
Confusion seems to reign supreme.
Like God, it's everywhere.

The Church is quite progressive now
Though people ridicule,
The fact that so many things are optional,
It's hard to find a rule.

Through it all I've often said
Those ancient Latin prayers
That I first learned when growing up --
Catholic -- at Saint Claire's

Christine Anderson's 1998 rendition of Growing Up Catholic has also been posted to YouTube ...

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The Well Done Review said...

Nunsense is being performed at St Charles Borromeo next week i think