Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whither the altar rail? posted a story today on the recommendation to close both St. Salome and St. Thomas the Apostle churches in Irondequoit.

I didn't spot any new factual information but the article did end with an intriguing sentence.

Unique traits of all five parishes would be incorporated into the new parish, planners pledged.



I wonder which of the surviving churches will now get an altar rail.


Anonymous said...

I'll be shocked if anyone does. If a church were to, St. Margaret Mary would logically be the best home given the traditional appearance of the church, and the presence of marble in the pulpit and altar.

~Dr. K

Gen said...

I'd agree. The layout at SMM is very conducive to an extremely reverent NO Mass, or even a Tridentine Mass for that matter. They have preserved the vast majority of the old aspects of the building, incorporating any necessary changes (i.e. baptismal font) with minimal obtrusiveness. The tabernacle is still front and center, as it should be, and the layout of the church is among the better in the DoR.

I should think that if enough people asked, it **may** be granted.