Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nazareth Academy and Aquinas to merge

Talk about a bolt from the blue!  I don't know of anyone who had a clue this was in the works.
From ...
Rochester, N.Y. - Nazareth Academy and Aquinas Institute have announced they will merge. They're calling it a partnership.
The new partners announced Wednesday that they will call their school system Aquinas Institute and Nazareth Schools.
Beginning in September, Pre K-6th Grade will be held at Nazareth, and grades 7-12 will be located at Aquinas. Some parents are unhappy that their children will have to move yet again.

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From the Nazareth Scools website ...

Opening a new chapter for Catholic Education in Rochester: 

The Nazareth Schools and Aquinas Institute are partnering to create a co-educational Catholic school system that seamlessly serves grades Pre-K through 12.  The new school system will be called Aquinas Institute and Nazareth Schools.  Beginning in September 2010, Pre-K through grade 6 will be located at the Nazareth Academy campus on Lake Avenue.  Grades 7 through 12 will be welcomed at the Aquinas Institute campus on Dewey Avenue. 
The Nazareth Schools will continue providing its well-respected elementary school program, including a highly recognized Pre-K and wrap-around school care.  The Nazareth Academy program at Aquinas will continue a strong commitment to women’s leadership and development.  This commitment will be overseen by a position created and staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph.   
Both schools bring several shared values to the new school system including a religious grounding in the Roman Catholic faith tradition as taught and supported by the Congregation of Saint Basil and the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  As private Catholic schools, The Aquinas Institute and The Nazareth Schools, this partnership is an historic juncture. 

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UPDATE: Not too surprisingly, finances seemed to have played a major role.

From a Naz student's post on the Save NAZ ACADEMY from extinction! page on Facebook ...

"Apparently, Nazareth is in millions of dollars of debt and they have been trying to keep it going, but the diocese hasn't really backed anything. "The diocese is literally running out of the inner city" That's why my religion teacher told me. She is a SSJ nun and she was crying.


Ink said...

We found out today, actually. None of us knew--I think the teachers learned yesterday. A bolt from the blue, indeed... or, shall I say, blue-and-maroon?

Matt said...

I'm wondering why--is Naz not doing well financially and/or enrollment-wise?

Why would Aquinas do this rather than simply buying up a couple of former DOR elementary schools if they want to increase their offerings. We're missing the reasons each wanted to do this

Dave said...

I think I read that enrollment was down. This is over on the Cleansing Fire site and posted on Facebook.

Ink said...

Word from 1st period teacher is that it's been under consideration for a while. Also, apparently it's been doing very poorly and would close eventually. However, (also apparently) it did not have to happen right now. It might have had to happen in five years, but they felt it was an opportune time right now.

In my opinion, they should have their own school. Too many have closed already. It's not that I don't want them... it's that I want them to actually have their own space, like they should.

...Especially because some of the boys are quite pleased with this development. >_>;

Mike said...

"... some of the boys are quite pleased with this development."

Judging from the following Q&A in this FAQ, Ink, I think I can understand why.

Q: What is the current enrollment at Aquinas? How many boys per grade, how many
girls per grade?

A: 699 High School / 180 Jr. High. 42% female / 58% male