Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Right To Choose" Advocate to Host Forum at Catholic Church

From Monroerising.com ...

Does Bishop Clark Know What’s Going On At Our Lady Mercy Church in Greece?

Posted on September 1st, 2008 by The Equalizer

We received an e-mail about a political forum that RICHard Dollinger is having Tuesday night at our Lady of Mercy Church in Greece.  The writer asked a legitimate question — Why would Bishop Clark allow the church to host an event that will include numerous people who are openly hostile to the Catholic faith?

I decided to write an open letter to the Bishop.

Dear Bishop Clark:

It has recently been brought to our attention that Richard Dollinger will be using Our Lady of Mercy Church to host a forum for his political campaign.  Under normal circumstances, I would have no objection to this, but Dollinger’s campaign is anything but normal.

His campaign is based in using his opponant’s objection to abortion on demand as a central part of his campaign.  In fact he sent out a press release that said the following:

“My opponent, Joe Robach, stands firmly against women’s right to choose, and if it were dependent upon his misguided wisdom, women in New York State would be stripped of these rights,” continued Dollinger.

One of his main backers in his political campaign is the woman suing the town of Greece for inviting local clergy to say prayers at their meetings — in fact, she had a recent letter to the editor stating that “atheists are a fast growing community and “they are here to stay.” This woman and her friends from NOW disrupted a Woman’s Health Fair because of Dollinger’s opponants stand on abortion.

Another principle of his campaign is his unabashed support for gay marriage. In fact he said this to a gay newspaper:

“I come from a big Catholic family and I think the concept of couples who are committed to each other being able to have that commitment recognized is an important one,” Dollinger said. “How can anybody be against more families, more stable relationships, more stable family households? It’s both the logical thing to do and the right thing to do.”

I’m a believer in the seperation of church and state, but allowing Dollinger to use a Catholic church for his political campaign makes a mockery of the Catholic faith.  Please reconsider the decision to allow this event to take place at Our Lady of Mercy on Tuesday night.


The Equalizer


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Mike said...

Dr. K.,

Knowing the layout at OLM, it's possible the forum was scheduled for the parish hall and not the church proper. I know the Monroerising post says "church" but, in my experience (as a former parishioner there) events like this were always held in the hall. Of course, there's now a new priest in charge and all bets may be off.

BTW, I used to make my living as a programmer but it's been over 9 years since I wrote my last line of code for pay, and that was all IBM mainframe programming anyway.

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