Monday, September 22, 2008

"We can't walk away from Catholic schools."

How do you keep Catholic schools open in the inner city? Well, if you're Archbishop Donald Wuerl, you reach out to businesses, foundations and other faith leaders and ask for help.


While he was in Pittsburgh this approach raised enough money to keep about 1,000 inner city kids in Catholic schools.  Now that he's in charge of the Archdiocese of Washington he's launched a similar program that has thus far raised $2 million and is supporting about 445 students.

What a contrast with DOR.  Here we close most of our schools in the poorer areas of the county and keep most of the schools in the wealthier areas open. 

The Archbishop says, "We can't walk away from Catholic schools."  It's too bad our brother Matthew doesn't have the same outlook.

The full story is posted here.

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