Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

I've been going through my draft posts, things I started but somehow just never got around to finishing.  Some just weren't worth any more work and have been consigned to the round file.  Others need some more thought and/or research and will remain drafts for now.

This one, however, while speaking of the wider Church also has a message of hope for us in DOR.  It is an excerpt from an April post at Purify Your Bride and really doesn't need any further comment from me .

We have creative liturgy. We have liberal theology. They are appealing to those who are unsatisfied with the original. But what about those who simply don’t know about the original? Well, they just won’t get it. It cannot last. It trades off the notion that you already respect the gospel but are not quite ready to accept it fully and unconditionally.

Chesterton talks about liberalism lasting only one generation. After that people will move on to atheism or back to orthodoxy. You can have a lot of fun pulling down the sacred but once it is down it is down. That is when the church by logic should die but it never does. That is because there is something deep inside our souls that longs for fairy tales. There is something even deeper that tells us the gospel of Jesus is the one true fairy tale.

Chesterton points out the Catholic church is the only institution that can survive this sort of crash. It has done it again and again. Of course, this happens because Jesus said it would.

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