Wednesday, May 28, 2008

12 Questions

Eugene Michael has posted a group of questions that have been on his mind from time to time.

Some of them have occurred to me too.  For instance,

Why do we never hear an explanation from a member of the clergy as to why women can’t be priests?

If anyone out there is tired of holding his/her breath waiting for this to be addressed from the pulpit or in the Catholic Courier, Boston College Philosophy Professor Peter Kreeft has a tour-de-force explanation on his website.

It runs just over an hour and is a bit triumphalistic to some  ears, but it does cover all the bases.

And if you should have other questions or interests Dr. Kreeft has about three dozen other audio files available for free here.


Father Schnippel said...


Here's my answer to that question:

Mike said...

Thanks, Father.

That's a great article with a bunch of equally great references.