Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catholic schools advertise with lawn signs

Just a few miles down I-90 the Diocese of Syracuse is showing DOR how to actually promote its Catholic Schools.

Part of the Syracuse Catholic Schools ad campaign relies on that old political stand-by, the lawn sign.  The diocese has the signs made up and distribution couldn't be simpler: Parents simply pick them up at school, take them home and plant them in their front yards.




The result:  Syracuse Catholic Schools are getting calls from parents interested in registering their kids.

Of course, we really couldn't do anything like that here.  We just might get too many kids signing up and then the Bishop's experts would no longer look like experts.


HCmom said...

I advocated for this same idea for four years for our school, but it fell on deaf ears. There was no money available for advertising, and we had to use the school's fundraising dollars to get a decent brochure together--all without any assistance from DOR. Now there is a case of beautiful brochures in storage and the school is closing.

Mike said...


I guess that's just one more example of how the diocese has mismanaged the schools.

And now, as part of SpiritAlive!, DOR wants to talk to us about Stewardship?

Give me a break!