Thursday, September 24, 2009

One priest, one roof

If you think we have seen too many church closings here in DOR, be thankful we don't live in the Diocese of Syracuse.

In the last decade that diocese has closed 37 churches, with 15 of those closures coming in the last 30 months.

The diocese has a "one priest, one roof" policy which forbids a priest to pastor more than one parish even if he wanted to.  This effectively eliminates clustering, which is the only thing keeping several DOR parishes open.

Story here.


Genjlcgettys said...

Speaking from experience, I would rather have my parish closed than adulterated by lay preaching and lay administrators. Much less gut-wrenching. Then again, I wouldn't wish either choice on anyone. It is soul-numbing to say the least.

Matt said...

the big positive about keeping parishes open is that when a good bishop comes along, and there is a renewal of the faith, we'll have somewhere to go.

Mike said...

Amen, Matt. That's one of the few things DOR seems to be doing right.