Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lay ecclesial leaders get CMA assessment reductions

While DOR may have removed the Parish-by-Parish listing from its website, it is still possible to glean CMA information from other sources.

I've been looking through online bulletins and have thus far managed to learn the 2009-10 CMA assessments for 6 parishes. While that is not enough to draw any real conclusions, it is interesting that the 3 parishes which have seen reductions in their assessments are those being run by Sr. Joan Sobala and Nancy DeRycke.

If anyone out there knows of 2009-10 CMA assessments for these (or other) parishes, please leave a note in the comment box.


Anonymous said...

The same thing struck me when I was flipping through these bulletins. *begin attempt at humor* I guess it's easy to get a little relief for your parish when you have the Bishop's private cellphone number. *end*

~Dr. K

Anonymous said...

I wonder if St. Thomas has seen a reduction?

~Dr. K

Mike said...

Good question, Dr. K.

I did check their bulletin but didn't see anything.

I'll include them in the next update.

Bro. AJK said...

Wait...They did not meet their goal last year and then they raised it for this year?!