Saturday, September 5, 2009

DOR appoints 17th pastoral administrator

Deacon Gary DiLallo has been appointed as pastoral administrator for the St. Hyacinth Church and St. Francis Church Cluster in Auburn, Cayuga County.

According to the diocesan website, a pastoral administrator

is a layperson or deacon appointed by the Bishop to lead a parish community. This person is responsible for providing spiritual leadership to the community and direction for administrative functions.


Pastoral administrators are responsible to ensure the vibrancy of worship, evangelization, catechesis and other ministries and programs, as well as ecumenical and community outreach. The pastoral administrator works closely with the Pastoral Council, and Finance Council, oversees preparation of an annual budget, supervises staff and oversees the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

Deacon DiLallo is 1 of 17 pastoral administrators presently serving in DOR.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Deacon Gary DiLallo sounds like one heck of a good guy.

I hope that he will start and lead an evangelization program for his parishes.

I wish him the best of luck in his new position.

Rich Leonardi said...

I hope that he will start and lead an evangelization program for his parishes.

... and then go back to his proper role in 2012; pastoral administrators as constituted in the Diocese of Rochester are canonically illegal.

Interstate Catholic said...

Two small church congregations that have a uncertain future. They are suppose to cluster with a third church in Auburn soon.

Anonymous said...

We have hundreds of store front churches in the City of Rochester. They are very small congregations that pay their bills and survive. Most of the congregations rent their space and only have about 25 people.

A small Catholic community is fine as long as they are able to financially support the parish.

If Bishop Clark was properly doing his job, he would put the word out to his priests that Mass needed to be said and they would respond.

Bishop Clark is just continuing "his plan" of action to destroy more parish communities before he is forced to retire.