Saturday, January 10, 2009

Forty-six seminarians, take 2

Deacon Greg Kandra over at The Deacon's Bench has also posted his thoughts on the Diocese of Wichita and its 46 seminarians.

A couple of his readers have posted comments that should be read and taken to heart by Bishop Clark (emphasis mine).

Josh writes,

I absolutely agree with Fr. Simone's assessment of Wichita's parishes. The ones I've visited have great (young!) priests who profess an authentic Catholic theology,

while Carol adds,

Catholic Culture is something that takes commitment of the Bishop, priests, and lay faithful. It is definitely determined by a movement of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of all of the Christian faithful even though it may be influenced by surrounding culture in a larger context.

Catholic culture does not just "happen" because the secular culture or another culture is supportive. It takes cooperation of the Christian faithful and grace from God.

Orthodoxy does pay.


Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

Dr. K.,

Last June Archbishop Burke, before he left for his new job in Rome, ordained 9 men to the priesthood for St. Louis and his old archdiocese is now on track to ordain 12 to 15 each year for the foreseeable future.

As I wrote in the main post, orthodoxy does pay.