Friday, January 9, 2009

"There but for the grace of God went Clancy"

Brian Clancy of Northport, NY has launched a blog which he intends to use to relate many of the incidents that occurred during his 16 years attending various Catholic schools.

This blog should bring a smile and maybe an occasional tear to anyone who served time in the Catholic school system.  It will be written in somewhat the same jargon that a prisoner might use to describe jail time or a veteran might use to talk about his enlistment, because both these experiences reflect my memories of my 16 years in the system.  I hesitate to say only 16 years because the experience molds your entire life, so it is more like a life sentence.  While many of the stories I will post may appear critical of the system, please be assured that nothing could be further from the truth.  There is no one alive who believes in the merits of Catholic schooling more than me.  In fact, I believe that half of America's problems can be traced to the declining enrollment in Catholic schools.  Whenever possible I intend to use actual names of classmates, except where it might cause undue embarassment or leave me open to a law suit.  I invite anyone reading this to leave a comment or a story.  I hope you will enjoy the weekly posting.  First post will be January 5, 2009

His first post is here.

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