Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6 Broome County Catholic schools to hire a recruiter

Here in DOR we are running TV and radio ads looking to attract 200 new students to our downsized MCCS system.  In the Diocese of Syracuse they're actually serious about finding new students and are seeking a recruiter.

In addition to their normal ad campaign the 6 Catholic schools in the Binghamton area are looking for an individual with marketing and sales experience to do "personal outreach" to families of potential students.

One of the recruiter's jobs will be to reach out to Catholic families who have not enrolled their children in Catholic schools ... Another will be to urge families with children in pre-school programs in Catholic schools to keep these children in a school's kindergarten at the same school.

The recruiter will make personal visits to families, meet with small groups, do promotional work in parishes and publicize financial aid available to families ... Diocese officials will monitor results with the idea of duplicating the position in other parts of the diocese if it shows success.

The full story is here.

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