Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catholic Schools Save U.S. Taxpayers $19.8 Billion Per Year

With hundreds of billions of dollars going to the recent bailouts of financial institutions and insurance companies, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the nation's network of almost 7,400 Catholic schools is saving the taxpayers about $20 billion each and every year.

The WSJ reports,

Catholic schools provide $19.8 billion in savings each year for the nation. The figure is based on the average public school per pupil cost of $8,701 and the total Catholic school enrollment of more than 2.2 million students.

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Anonymous said...

There would have been a bigger uproar regarding the closings last year if the suburban districts had to absorb hundreds of students due to the closings, as the city school district did. The budgets this past fall would have skyrocketed!
When he finally closes them all in the next few years he'll cement his destructive legacy, and at the taxpayers expense. The people who believe these schools are a drain and we shouldn't help pay for them will wind up paying in the end. They won't have the option of withholding their school taxes, and the school boards aren't as frugal as the Catholic School principals.