Sunday, November 30, 2008

CMA continues to lag in parishes that lost schools

As a group, the Monroe County parishes that had their schools closed by Bishop Clark last June are now lagging some 11.5% behind the group that got to keep their schools in reaching their 2008-09 CMA assessments. Data now posted on show that, were the first group pledging at the same rate as the second, their combined pledges would now be some $88,450 higher than they actually are.

Of the parishes that lost their schools, only Blessed Sacrament and St Charles Borromeo are significantly ahead of the diocesan average.

Of the parishes that kept their schools, Our Mother of Sorrows, St. Pius the Tenth, St. Louis and St. Joseph are outpacing the diocesan average.


Anonymous said...

Holy Trinity lost it's school

RochChaCha said...


Did you see the 'along the way' column in the Catholic Courier? Sounds like the DOR is preparing another Catholic call-in show. I never listened to or participated in it in the past, but i would sure be interested in doing so this year. Hopefully folks will call in and ask solid questions about why liturgical abuses are allowed in the DOR.