Tuesday, December 30, 2008

B16 on theologians and "the humility of faith"

Fr. Z had another post related to Fr. McBrien on his blog yesterday.
Pope Benedict XVI, in his address to the Plenary Session of the International Theological Commission (5 Dec 2008) said:
"From the subjective point of view, that is from the viewpoint of the one who does theology, the fundamental virtue of the theologian is to seek obedience to faith, the humility of faith that opens our eyes. This humility renders the theologian a collaborator of the truth. In this way it will not happen that he speaks of himself. Interiorly purified by obedience to the truth, he will reach, instead, the point that the Truth itself, that the Lord, can speak through the theologian and theology."

I can think of several theologians besides Fr. McBrien who might benefit from a long meditation on this paragraph.

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