Friday, August 8, 2008

New MCCS System Warehouse

I recently drove past Our Lady of Mercy Parish on Denise Rd. and saw what looked to be an uncharacteristic amount of clutter in almost all of the second floor windows of the old school building. I circled the block and went past slowly and realized I was looking at chaotic piles of desks, chairs and other school furniture filling four of the old classrooms. Pulling into the parking lot on the other side of the building revealed another four classrooms crammed full of cardboard boxes and more furniture.

OLM closed its school in the early '80s and had almost no school furniture remaining in the building when I was last inside it about a year ago, so all of this stuff had to come from one or more of the 13 Catholic schools the Bishop forced to close two months ago.

The view from the parking lot is bad enough, although only parishioners coming to Mass are likely to see it. But the view from Denise Rd. must really be irritating to the neighbors across the street. One would think the MCCS System functionaries at least could have hung some cheap curtains prior to piling up all their stuff, instead of creating this eyesore.

Update: I've been asked how these photos were produced. Both were generated using the free, demo version of Autostitch and both are amalgams of several overlapping photos all taken from the some location. My only departure from the default parameters was to set the Output Size width to 3,000 pixels in the Edit --> Options panel.

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