Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Corning Museum "Green Glass Thingie"

[This post is totally off-topic but, what the heck, it's my blog.]

Six years ago my three granddaughters and I took a trip to Corning where we toured the Corning Museum of Glass and did lots of shopping on Market St.

Just inside the main entrance to the museum is a large glass sculpture one of my granddaughters named the "green glass thingie" and the girls paused for a photo in front of it.

The trip to Corning has since become an annual family tradition and just isn't complete without the photo in front of the "thingie." Here is the 2002 photo along side yesterday's 2008 version.

In a mere 6 years three cute little girls have grown into three lovely young ladies - and I've added a couple of gray hairs.


Anonymous said...

I live about 1/2 mile from the museum and 5 blocks from Market Street! Hope you enjoyed the town.

My oldest turned 21 this year, and I just look in amazement at the man he has grown into. Children are wondrous!

Mike said...

Cpt Tom,

The girls in the photo are now, left to right, 18, 14 and 16. While not perfect, they are all great kids well on their way to becoming great adults. While I haven't had a lot to do with that I am proud of the small role I have played.

Each of the girls did a glass project at the museum and then we went on to the shops on Market St., where we parted with a significant amount of cash just to prove how much fun we were having.

Adrienne said...

They are way beyond "lovely young ladies". They are gorgeous!

And the green glass thingy is sorta cool....