Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going ... Going ... Gone!

A large white tent has been set up in the bus loop in front of the school building at Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Greece and boxes of books and other items are being moved out of the building and into the tent.

A parishioner there tells me that there will soon be an auction of most, if not all, of the school furniture, books and other items that MCCS System has been storing in the OLM building for the last several weeks (see here). He has been told a couple of different dates for the auction, with the earliest being tomorrow.

This probably cannot happen soon enough to please the local fire chief. The same parishioner reports that the chief is concerned that all the clutter showing through the windows is indicative of unsafe conditions inside. He is said to be considering an official inspection - which could result in the loss of the parish's Certificate of Occupancy for the building - if everything is not gone within days.


GSS said...

I spoke with a teacher on Thursday who had been at the giveaway. While it's encouraging to see the supplies go to schools that need them, the teacher reported finding other items that have no place being archived, including medical records of children who applied to certain schools but then decided to not enroll. Not only is this illustrative of the DOR not having any idea what it has at the site, it's also quite likely illegal under HIPA regulations.

Mike said...


These folks have always seemed pretty clueless when it comes to running a school district.

I wouldn't be surprised at anything they did - or didn't - do.