Saturday, July 19, 2008

St. John Bosco Schools Update

Updated information has been posted on the St. John Bosco Schools site ...

Thank you for your patience as we work to establish the best possible foundation for the long-term health of St. John Bosco Schools.  Below are a series of important updates on the school.  We intend to release another update following the final selection of our school site:

  • Location: The school is most likely to be located in the south-east quadrant of the greater Rochester area.
  • We are still vetting potential sites, but will make our site announcement during the last week in July.
  • Grade levels: We will most likely be opening a pre-K through 3rd grade, although we will extend through the 5th grade if we have a sudden bump in demand.
  • Faculty: We received over two dozen resumes and inquiries regarding faculty positions with St. John Bosco Schools.  Members of our steering committee kicked off the formal interviewing process this week.
  • Registration: We will be opening enrollment the first week of August.
  • Board Meeting: Our board will officially convene the first week of August.
  • Teacher / Parent Orientation: We have tentatively scheduled our inaugural teacher / parent orientation on August 20 & 21.  We will be joined those days by a NAPC*IS approved consultant for elementary education, as well as one or more of our ecclesiastical advisors.  More information to come.

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