Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Fluff from the D&C

Mark Hare's got a nice puff piece on the Diocese of Rochester in today's Democrat and Chronicle. Not one of his interviews is with a rank-and-file Catholic from a parish that's losing its school. The closest he gets is Fr. Horan at St. Margaret Mary, who says, "all the changes" are "part of the purification the church."

Hare skims over declining Mass attendance, getting one of his numbers wrong in the process (it's 107,489 in 2000, not 2001), without pointing out just how striking the loss of over 22% Mass-attending Catholics in a mere 8 years is (see here and here).

This is a diocese in serious trouble. Mark Hare did it no favors today.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the Bishop has folks willing to shill and propagandize for him.

"Nothing to see, move along, every thing is alright, ignore that brick wall that we're about to run into!"

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

Peter Kreeft has an excellent one hour or so FREE mp3 download available on his site. It's called "Women and the Priesthood" and it is, by far, the best talk on the subject I've ever heard. See 09_priestesses.htm

Also, a text version of section 2 of that talk - which is pretty much its heart - is at topics-more/sexual-symbolism.htm