Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Did the CMA Play a Role in School Closings?

On March 2 of last year I was searching on dor.org and I came across a tab-delimited text file that appears to show the status of the Catholic Ministries Appeal fund drive as of approximately that date. The file as I downloaded it was sorted in descending order of percent of goal achieved.

I have loaded that file into a spreadsheet, removed the non-Monroe county parishes, and resorted by parish name. The image below is a screen capture of the result.

As a resident of the Eastern Greece - Charlotte area I was drawn to the data for that region. I find it interesting that Our Mother of Sorrows School, which has no cafeteria, no gym, a library in a second building and parish CMA collections of $96,675.00, is staying open, while Holy Cross School, which has a cafeteria, has a gym, has a library in the same building, but has parish CMA collections of only $60,019.12, is being forced to close.

I will leave it to others to determine if there is any correlation between CMA donations and school closings in their area.

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