Thursday, March 27, 2008

Massive MCCS Defections Ahead?

There's another interesting comment to a post over on The Sad Saga. Anonymous writes,

"We trust the principals and the teachers at Catholic Schools, not the DoR. Most registered to see what would happen. Now with class sizes so large they will not stay. I believe that, unless there is a softening of the position the Diocese has taken people will pull their children out and the whole system will collapse. They are still supposedly down 500 students from where they wanted to be to keep the current tuition (although they got their 48%...their math doesn't make any sense). There is no way they will get those children in without opening one or two schools to create more space at the schools people desire." (emphasis added)

It's a pretty sure bet that several hundred parents pulling their children out of overcrowded schools was not something seen in the tea leaves examined by the bishop's panel of "experts."

This whole situation may turn out to be one more textbook example of the disaster that often ensues whenever primary stakeholders are excluded from the decision-making process.

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