Friday, February 27, 2009

Update on Sister Janice Morgan

About 13 months ago Sister Elaine Poitras suddenly resigned as Superintendent of the Monroe County Catholic School System, a few days prior to Bishop Clark's decision to accept the recommendation of his task force of "experts" to close 13 of our 24 Monroe County Catholic schools.

Stepping into Sister Elaine's shoes almost immediately was the then just retired president of the local congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sister Janice Morgan.

The order's quarterly newsletter gives us its take on her time in that office.

Sister Janice Morgan has not had a slow day since leaving office. Almost immediately following her departure as Congregational president, she became interim superintendent for the Rochester Catholic Schools. She took over in January of 2008, a time when the diocese was closing thirteen schools. A trying time that took a skillful, careful and conscientious approach. “It was truly a learning experience,” explained Sister Janice. “A tearful time. A time when all I could do was listen, listen to parents, to faculty, to principals, students, pastors, and be there for them with compassion.” As interim superintendent Sister Janice was in charge of ensuring a seamless closing of the Diocesan schools. She met with principals on a weekly basis to communicate to each the next step along the way. She also set up a transition committee to cover every level of the closures from faculty placement and student enrollment, to packing up books and materials, and making sure that students’ records were sent on to the new schools.

After fulfilling her duties as interim superintendent, she stayed on with the Diocese until February 2009 to wrap up final details of the closures and to do fund development work for the remaining Catholic schools.

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