Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bus Trip being organized to see Fr. Corapi

Father John Corapi, S.O.L.T. will be giving just one set of conference talks this year and it will be just down the road in Buffalo, NY.

The Person and Power of the Holy Spirit  

Lord and Giver of Life

Saturday, August 15, 2009

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY

A local group led by Dave Marci is organizing a bus trip to the conference.  The tour bus will begin boarding at 6:15 am and will leave from St. John of Rochester Parish, 8 Wickford Way, Fairport at 6:30.  It will return to that location following the conference.  Tickets are $80.00 per person and include bus fare and admission to the conference.

Booking is being handled through The Travel Team, Inc. Contact either Maureen Capanyola or Pam Starr at 1-888-716-8541 and tell them you are interested in the group leaving from St. John of Rochester.

I'm told that tickets for the tour package are going fast, so don't delay if you want to see Fr. Corapi while avoiding the driving/parking hassle.

Further information on the conference is available here.



Rich Leonardi said...

I'm jealous. It would almost be worth driving to Rochester for the bus trip; I love pilgrimages like this one.

RochChaCha said...


Looks like Cincinnati is about 6 hours from Buffalo. Not quite a day trip, but this is sure to be a great event with Father Corapi, Raymond Arroyo, and Jerry Usher from Catholic Answers Live. Take care and keep up the great blogging.

LarryD said...

I R jellus 2!

(sorry - a bit of text-speak there)