Friday, June 24, 2011

Still at Cleansing Fire

I got an email today wondering why I hadn't posted anything here during the last year, so this is a reminder that I am now a staff writer at Cleansing Fire and that I post regularly there.


Ben Anderson said...

and if you want to just see Mike's stuff at CF, you can use this link:

Mike said...

Thanks, Ben.

Life Line said...
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Life Line said...

Just be your self and start writing again.People are reading it..

Tor Hershman said...

I just realized something, it ain’ the Catholics nor Jews nor Muslims nor Atheists
. . . the Catholics are getting all the heat about it BUT IT IS . . .
the Child Molesters –
the Jewish Child Molesters – the Atheist Child Molesters – the Mormon Child Molesters – the Catholic Child Molesters
the Muslim Child Molesters.

It’s the Child Molesters against the rest of us AND they use religion as a smokescreen.
What matters most to a Child Molester is NOT Jesus or Mohammed or Jehovah or Darwin. . .what matters MOST to them is molesting children.

I'm so sorry, I've been very hard on your group...sorry.