Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mother of Sorrows to lose 7th, 8th grades

Cleansing Fire is reporting that DOR will close the 7th and 8th grades at Our Mother of Sorrows School at the end of the current school year. 

An announcement to that effect was reportedly made at yesterday's 5:00 pm Mass at MOS.

We covered the fact that these grades were in danger last October (see here).  It now appears that our fears have been realized.

DOR's weekend Mass attendance continues to nosedive. Every year fewer DOR Catholics celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony within the Church and every year fewer DOR Catholics bring their infants for Baptism. 

So what is DOR's solution to this decline?

Why, close more Catholic schools, of course.

These people are insane!


Anonymous said...

The DoR is responding to these problems, but they aren't doing much to rectify them.

~Dr. K

Ink said...

I have a similar post up on my blog. We need to all band together and figure out a way to stop this constant closing of schools.

philosopher said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting! That was a fabulous article by Peter Kreeft, who is actually one of my favorite theologians.
About the problems with Catholic schools closing and less marriages and baptisms in the Catholic Church- I have a solution: A full out rebellion of my generation (high school and college kids) against modern errors. We rebels will all start great marriages (lots of weddings in the Church)and have lots of kids. Then our big Catholic families will reopen Catholic schools. That's already my plan. Let's all pray for God's help that it works.

Matt said...

philosopher--I like it, that's been my sinister plan as well!

As we all know, the surest sign of insanity is to do something over and over again and expect different results. like closing schools/churches or openly dissenting and expecting people to buy that crap. Yep, these people ARE insane

Mike said...


Peter Kreeft has to be just about the clearest thinker and writer I've ever encountered. Given your blog's title I guess I could say ...

Bene cogitat et bene scribat.

(I think I got that right. I'm relying on Latin I learned almost 50 years ago.)

BTW, both you and Matt have the right idea. Go for it!

philosopher said...

Hi Mike,
your Latin is correct.
Thank you!

philosopher said...

Getting married and having a family is so darn sinister, isn't it? I think the most sinister thing about it is that it's perfectly natural, normal, and a God-given vocation. And so it's one if the most perfectly sane things a person can do, especially since it was created with the divine reasoning of God Himself!

Ink said...

Philosopher and Matt,

I am in full support of that idea. Funny how that works, mmm? An entire generation of rebels against heterodoxy.

(Also, I ran this idea by one of my good friends, who exclaimed, "It's Chestertonian! Rebelling against the rebellion. He did that, and it landed him straight in the middle of Christendom." [I paraphrased a little.] Thought everyone might appreciate the analogy.)