Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Unusually high demand"

I was doing some research tonight on the US Census site and the following screen popped up:

It's 11:07 pm EDT on a warm Saturday night in the middle of summer.

I really have to wonder where that unusually high demand is coming from.


Mary Kay said...

Mike, it would only be 8pm on the West Coast, even earlier in Alaska and Hawaii.

Then again, who knew the Census was such a popular nightspot on Saturday night?

Mike said...

Mary Kay,

It must be the newest rage. (I wonder how many users it takes before an "unusually high demand" situation exists.)

Anyway, when I checked 20 minutes later things were back to normal.

Rich Leonardi said...

This is like the "bad weather" coverall excuse offered by the airline; it may be sunny and 75 virtually everywhere, but they'll still use it.