Thursday, July 9, 2009

Memphis ordaining 6 priests this year

The Diocese of Memphis, with but 73,000 Catholics, will ordain a total of 6 men to the priesthood in 2009. Four of those ordinations have already taken place and the other 2 are scheduled for next month.

And the future looks bright too, as the diocese also has 25 men in seminary formation, with that number being 7 more than last year's class size.

By way of contrast DOR, with its 341,500 Catholics, ordained just 1 man this year (and will not ordain another until at least 2013) and has a total of 6 men currently studying for the priesthood.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

The Diocese of Memphis does have a couple of Latin Masses for what it's worth (twice as many Sunday obligation TLM's as Rochester). There does appear to be reasonably strong orthodoxy among the lay people, despite what I've been reading about their bishop in a quick scan of articles.

So once more it appears that orthodoxy is helping to plant the seeds of vocations.

~Dr. K

LarryD said...

Well, what do you expect? Memphis has "Grace"land, after all.