Monday, April 6, 2009

Get in line, Rochester

Deacon Greg Kandra over at The Deacon's Bench is blogging about a recent Los Angeles Times article reporting on an upcoming flood of U.S. episcopal retirements.

It looks like those of us in DOR counting down the time remaining until July 15, 2012 may have to wait somewhat longer than 1,195 days to find out who our new bishop will be.

Want a new bishop in your diocese? Be patient ...

Nearly one-third of 265 active U.S. bishops must submit letters of resignation to the pope within five years because they will have reached the mandatory retirement age of 75. More than half the bishops will reach the milestone within 10 years ...

Most of the retiring bishops will probably remain on the job for a year or more after their 75th birthdays while successors are found. The pope ultimately decides when to accept the resignations.

One part of the Times article not quoted by the deacon offers many long-suffering DOR Catholics a ray of hope:

Church experts say Benedict's recent appointments suggest that he is concerned more with orthodoxy than ethnicity and with putting a positive public face on the church.


Rich Leonardi said...


Bishop Clark is on Pope Benedict's radar screen for reasons that don't reflect well on His Excellency. I don't think the faithful of Rochester will have to wait for very long after his 75th birthday.

Mike said...


A nearly immediate replacement would certainly be sending a message, given that most dioceses are currently waiting a year or so to have a new bishop named.

I pray that you are right.