Thursday, March 12, 2009

MCCS 2009-10 enrollment at 2,600; target is 4,000

Registration for the 2009-10 school year in the Monroe County Catholic School System began a little over 6 weeks ago, on January 26.  Channel 8 is reporting that thus far 2,600 students have signed up, some 1,400 shy of the Superintendent Anne Wilkens Leach's target of 4,000. 


3,700 students are currently enrolled in the system's 11 schools, at a tuition of $2,900.  Tuition will remain the same next year.


Anonymous said...

I knew they would be down, but I'm shocked at the numbers. I know as of last week at MOS they only had 16 Kindergartners registered. Quite a drop from the 2 classes they have this year. I suspect the economy is to blame for some of it, but I think the truer reason is the dissatisfaction with the new schools.

Mike said...


According to the MCCS site, the re-registration period for current students runs for another 7 days, to March 19.

When my granddaughters were in the system quite a few registrations, including theirs, came in that last week.

We'll just have to see how it plays out this year.

Anonymous said...

Our children were told to have their parents register them the first week, otherwise a spot would not be held for them. I felt sorry for one girl who was in tears because her mother didn't have the money for the registration fee that week. She had been in this school for years and actually believed they would kick her to the curb.
That was the only time I was upset with our new school this year.