Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Buffalo Rd. is Watching You

Those of you who are not regular readers of Rich Leonardi's Ten Reasons might be missing out on a very interesting video and accompanying discussion.  It seems that last Saturday at Good Shepherd Parish in Henrietta  a lay person gave a lengthy "reflection" on the readings after the celebrant had delivered a very short homily.

This, sadly, is all too common in DOR. In spite of rather clear written instructions from Rome to the contrary, Bishop Clark feels he has the power to authorize lay people to preach during Mass. The appropriate Vatican officials seem to be aware of this situation but, for reasons known only to them, have yet to take any action.

Anyway, Rich's post is here.

My primary reason for this post is the follow-up Rich has posted, based on one of over 30 comments to his original article. I found a part of this comment so disturbing that I am reprinting it here, with my emphasis applied to the chilling paragraph.

Also, be sure to read the comments in the follow-up to see what Buffalo Rd. considers subversive behavior.

The problem ... is that ...most people sitting in the pews (particularly after 30-odd years of this trash in the DOR) have no clue that what is happening is WRONG, as Rich points out.

Playing fast and loose with the rules like this results in an overall dilution of the liturgy, it seduces the undercatechized lay Catholic into confusion about the proper order of things, promotes acceptance of the unacceptable, and contributes to the decay and decline of the Faith that is prevalent here.

We here in the DOR should NOT say this is "okay" at any time, and we should identify and address these issues each and every time they arise, both locally and on over to Rome.

This past summer's round of closings and reassignments is very telling. IMO, Bp. Clark is going into overdrive to clear out as much orthodoxy and to get rid of "dissenting" (in other words, traditional/orthodox) priests as his DOR days wind down. I know, personally, of two such men who have been brought back from the outer reaches of the Diocese and placed at parishes in close proximity with "Buffalo Road," and not by happenstance. They are suddenly seeing DOR personnel attending daily Masses with pen and paper in plain sight.

It is appalling and humiliating to be asked to pray for vocations each week when you see what is being done to the few we already have here.

Interestingly, the DOR is advertising for a Diocesan Director of Liturgy to supervise and homogenize the liturgy throughout the Diocese. I'm sure the ideal candidate will be one that is a poster child for "diversity," and I'll bet money no clerical collar will be worn by the final selection.


Anonymous said...
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Adrienne said...

When ever I am slapped up side of the head with some liturgical abuse I gently remind myself that it could be worse. I could be living in the DOR.

Now I know that doesn't make you feel any better but what scares me is seeing our diocese slowly but surely headed in the same direction.

I am so weary that we are contemplating a move to Toledo, OH where at least the churches are pretty and plentiful. We figure the chances of finding one that doesn't offend are better there.

It is sad the shambles they have made of our once beautiful liturgy.