Friday, January 25, 2008

Diocese: Parents should have seen it coming!

In a January 23rd interview with Nikki Rudd of WHEC-TV, the diocesan Vicar General seemed to imply that parents have only themselves to blame if they didn’t realize their schools were in danger of closing. Fr. Joseph Hart said,

“We’ve lost 30, 40% of the school population. Parents certainly knew that. You certainly know if you had 404 students in 2000 and you’ve only got 100 students now, something is going to have to give.”

And so, parents, stop blaming the Diocese of Rochester for not giving you any warning. And stop complaining about the Monroe County Catholic School System not sharing enrollment and financial data. It's really your fault. You should have been smart enough to figure it all out for yourselves.

See the full interview here. Click on “Watch all of Nikki's interview with Diocese officials” at the end of the text.

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